Friday, January 13, 2012

VSR45: Blocks and Filters

Like most teachers, Brett Moller, Bruce Fuda, Ashley Proud and Carolyn Foote all have to deal with the realities of filters and blocks on their school Internet connection, although they all experience this reality in slightly different ways.. In this episode we talk about web filters, the need to keep kids safe online and try to balance the argument with good old fashioned some common sense.

Ashley Proud- @ashleyproud
Bruce Fuda - @Bruce1979
Carolyn Foote - @technolibrary
Brett Moller -  @brettmoller

National Computer Science School -
Children’s Internet Protection Act
Tennessee-ACLU case
Sample Library Materials Selection policy/procedures for complaint about sites/materials

A Sticking Plaster mentality to Open Web Access in Schools

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