Friday, January 13, 2012

VSR44: A World of Difference

Michael Graffin is a young relief teacher from near Perth, Western Australia who has never had his own classroom but has still managed to discover the joys of working across the Internet on global projects. In this episode, Michael is joined by one of his collaboration partners Theresa Allen from Chicago, and also Lisa Parisi from New York, as we discuss the wonders of learning using online collaborative projects.

Michael Graffin - @mgraffin
Theresa Allen  - @tdallen5
Lisa Parisi  - @LParisi

The Global Classroom Project: 2011-12
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Global Classroom Contacts
Deb Frazier - @frazierde (Global Classroom Creator)
Michael Graffin - @mgraffin (Global Classroom Coordinator)

Theresa’s Global Projects presentation: (over 15 projects)
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Global Collaboration survey answers:

Some examples of projects from Lisa - won award - won award - This one is just starting - won award won award - in progress and still taking participants - really about the globe not the US

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